March 7, 2019

Projects Being Built On Loom

Projects Being Built On Loom

Here's a list of projects that have announced they are using Loom's technology.  This list will be updated as new projects are found.  

Last updated 2019-June-23

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Name Twitter Site Description
Zombie Battlegrounds Zombie Battlegrounds Twitter Zombie Battlegrounds Site Turn based card game ala Magic the Gathering, built by Loom.
Neon District Neon District Twitter Neon District Site Turn based roleplaying game set in a cyberpunk themed world.
Axie Infinity Axie Infinity Twitter Axie Infinity Site Breed, battle, trade digital pets called Axies.
Plasma Bears Plasma Bears Twitter Plasma Bears Site Breed, collect, trade virtual bears.
Moss Land Moss Land Twitter Moss Land Site Augmented reality, buy virtual real estate, upgrade it and trade.
Cryptowars Cryptowars Twitter Cryptowars Site Build a virtual army and fight online.
Pixie Shopping Street Pixie Shopping Street Twitter Pixie Shopping Street Site Decorate virtual characters with different clothes and accessories.
Sorare Sorare Twitter Sorare Site Football (Soccer in America) playing cards.
Coins and Steel Coins and Steel Twitter Coins and Steel Site MMORPG?
Cryptoraves Cryptoraves Twitter Cryptoraves Site Online Reputation Credibility System
Lordless No Twitter Lordless Site Recruit bounty hunters or be a bounty hunter yourself.
Shipchain Shipchain Twitter Shipchain Site A coordinated, unified solution to bring visibility & trust to the global supply chain.
Bityond Bityond Twitter Bityond Site Decentralized Recruitment & Talent Management
Hey Network Hey Network Twitter A Network Site A live-chat on every website
Cipher Cascade Cipher Cascade Twitter Cipher Cascade Site Arcade Style Fighting Game
Food Nation Food Nation Twitter Food Nation Site Food Delivery App
Prattle Prattle Twitter Prattle Site Distributed Social Network powered by ipfs and a Loom Network Dappchain.
CUE Music CUE Music Twitter CUE Music Site Live Audio Streaming Platform
Plasma Plays Pokémon Plasma Plays Pokémon Twitter Plasma Plays Pokémon Site Play Pokemon by inputting commands into a twitch chat.
Football Universe Football Universe Kickstarter A Blockchain-Based Football (soccer) Manager
Battle Racers Battle Racers Twitter Battle Racers Site Battle Racers is an action-packed arcade game where you get to build, race, and battle model cars on arcade-sized tracks to be hosted in Decentraland’s virtual world.
Delegate Call No specific Twitter Delegatecall Site Ask blockchain related questions. Site is similar to stackoverflow
Reptop Reptop Site Online store built on Loom.
Cryptorun Battle Racers Site An endless Blockchain runner game in which you attempt to survive as a Ostrict by jumping over cactus. You can share your High Score and challenge other players all around the world.
LegendHeroez LegendHeroez Site A decentralized RPG trading cards game based on Etherium Blockchainand Historical Person.
Alice Finance Alice Finance Site All-in-one financial platform that offers not only savings but also various financial services such as loans, exchanges and insurance. Earn up to 8% interest on your crypto.
enzym enzym Site The first Icebreaker that sends you missions to meet people who are in your cell. You can ask them to be friend in order to meet them.